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Independent Networks Association

Tackling the Connection Queue Crisis: A Call to Action

By Nicola Pitts – Executive Director, the INA

As the Executive Director of the Independent Networks Association, I’ve witnessed firsthand the bottlenecks facing our energy sector, particularly the escalating challenge of connection queues. These queues impede our transition to a greener, more sustainable energy future and slow the integration of innovative renewable energy projects. Immediate action is required to address these issues head-on.

We do support the actions set out by the Electricity System Operator and the Energy Networks Association but more should be done. Energy governance codes to promote efficiency and transparency should be fast tracked. We are also emphasising the need for consistent connection modelling and fast-tracking competition for network investments and reforming land and consents policy, with the Government publishing the long-awaited concluson to their consultation. These are also vital steps towards mitigating the current backlog.

This moment calls for unity and decisive action across the energy sector. By adopting these recommendations, we can overcome the current challenges and pave the way for a more flexible, resilient, and sustainable energy system. It’s time to act for the benefit of our industry and the nation.


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