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Independent Networks Association

Leading cross industry collaboration

IGTs and IDNOs working together

For the first time, INA membership has brought together the UKs IDNOs and IGTs to influence and shape our energy future.

About IDNOs

Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) design, develop, operate and maintain local electricity distribution networks, constructed by Independent Connections Providers (ICPs), under a licence granted by Ofgem.

  • IDNO networks are directly connected to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) networks or indirectly to the DNO via another IDNO
  • Unlike the DNOs, that cover 14 geographical areas in the country, IDNOs are not restricted to a geographical region and can operate across the UK.

About IGTs

  • Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) design, develop, operate and maintain local gas transportation networks, constructed by Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIPs), under a licence granted by Ofgem
  • IGT networks are directly connected to the Gas Distribution Network (GDN) or indirectly to the GDN via another IGT
  • IGTs design and construct gas infrastructure and retain ownership of the networks. The license also enables IGTs to adopt newly built networks, designed and built by third parties
  • Unlike the GDNs, which operate in distinct geographies, IGTs can operate across the UK.