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Independent Networks Association

Embracing Change: the INA’s Response to the Ofgem Consultation on Energy Code Reform

The Independent Networks Association (INA) has submitted a response to the recent Ofgem consultation on implementing energy code reform As representatives of Independent Distribution Network Operators and Independent Gas Transporters, our members play a crucial role in delivering energy to homes and businesses across Great Britain.

In our submission, we expressed broad support for the proposed reforms set out in the Energy Act 2023, recognising their potential to streamline processes and reduce administrative burdens. However, we remain vigilant about the inclusion and impact on smaller entities and new market entrants, advocating for fair participation and representation as the sector evolves.

Key points from our response highlight our agreement with the consolidation of industry codes and central systems, which promises enhanced efficiency and a unified approach to energy management. We also addressed the need for clarity in the consultation process, the structure of appeals, and the strategic direction of future code modifications.

The transition towards net-zero targets introduces both challenges and opportunities. The INA and our members support a phased approach to these reforms, ensuring that every stakeholder can adapt without disrupting ongoing operations. We are particularly focused on ensuring that innovations and changes reflect the diverse needs of all participants in the energy market.

This consultation marks a pivotal moment for the energy sector in Great Britain. As we move forward, INA is committed to active participation in shaping a resilient, efficient, and inclusive energy future.

Read our full response and join the discussion on how these changes will shape the future of energy in Great Britain.


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