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Independent Networks Association

Shaping the future of the water and energy sectors

We are the INA

The INA (Independent Networks Association) represent, and consists of, the UK’s leading independent utility network owners and operators who serve the domestic and commercial and industrial sectors across the UK.

The INA’s role is to help shape the future of the energy and water sectors and we do this by engaging with and influencing policy. We drive innovation and improvements in competition and service in the delivery and ownership of utility infrastructure across the UK.

We shape the future of the UK’s infrastructure

The INA’s purpose is to achieve industry collaboration that will help shape the future of the UK’s energy and water sectors.

We bring together the leaders in the independent market to act as one mind and voice to:

  1. Influence government policy and legislation on energy, water and housing
  2. Drive decarbonisation in support of a net-zero future
  3. Identify opportunities for industry innovation
  4. Influence, drive and deliver improvements in competition and customer service, industry wide; and
  5. Enable growth by ensuring utilities are in the right location, at the right time and at the right cost.