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Independent Networks Association

Case studies and testimonials

Clear benefits of an independent solution

There are multiple benefits that our members offer to developers and I&C customers throughout the UK. Please find below comments direct from them about why they choose Independent Utility Networks.

Quality at scale and speed

At Wood Wharf, Canary Wharf, London it was originally estimated that the 3,300 apartments and 32 commercial premises would take 6 years to build out. An Independent Connection Provider (ICP) has been able to take control of the whole electricity network on behalf of the Independent Network Operator. On site daily there was no need for the usual request-response delay as requirements change. This is the same model as being used for the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station.

Major project financed by IGT

A major UK food manufacturer made a switch from heavy fuel to natural gas for one of their large manufacturing operations. This £4.2 million infrastructure project was financed by an IGT over five years as part of a commercial offer to support the client meet its project viability and funding criteria. This has enabled the plant to operate with a cleaner and more sustainable energy source and reduce their carbon footprint.

“The most cost effective and efficient solution”

“Duchy Homes uses independent multi utility companies rather than the traditional single utility monopolies. This offers us the most cost effective and efficient solution to bring new utility connections to our construction sites. It is always our preference to have one company deliver all, or as many utilities as possible.”

Lee Foxon, Head of Technical, Duchy Homes

“Utility connections are made on time and on budget”

“Persimmon Essex now sources all its utility connections on new housing developments from the independent sector. These operators provide a more focused and efficient service to our development sites, ensuring that utility connections are made on time and on budget. Independents have also brought significant innovation both in the delivery of utility connections and in the range of services they offer – increasingly we are sourcing gas, electricity, water and wastewater from a single provider.” 

Luke Atkinson, Technical Director, Persimmon Homes

“A pragmatic and flexible approach”

“As one of the UK’s key operators of electric vehicle charging points it has been vitally important for Engenie to have the ability to be able to design and construct our EV units so that they are standardised as much as possible and we know that they’re suitable for adoption irrespective of which region they are located in. Also, we wanted to have a pragmatic and flexible approach to easements and needed a partner who would work with us on this. Working with an IDNO has enabled us to successfully achieve all of these requirements, with the added opportunity to separate the construction and asset ownership elements where we chose to.”

Martin Miles, Head of Operations, Engenie Limited

“Practical approach mitigated against the potential for long delays”

“The IDNO worked with us to understand the criticality of the deadline dates, whist maintaining a focus on the importance of a robust adoption process. This practical approach mitigated against the potential for long delays we were facing with the DNO. Their team mobilised professionally and quickly to help us maintain the programme of works that will ensure the facility is brought online as scheduled.”

Lewis Rogers, Head of Construction, Ark Data Centres