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Independent Networks Association

Representing the UK’s Independent Network Owners

The substantial role of independent energy networks

Independent Networks play a significant and essential role in connecting, owning and maintaining the UK’s utility infrastructure.

The INA represents IDNOs and IGTs, who design and own 70-80% of the gas and electricity infrastructure connected to new homes each year.

In 2019:

  • Independent Networks connected 80% of new homes to the gas grid and 71% to the electricity network
  • More than 300,000 gas and electricity connections were provided by independents

Independents are now the first choice for many stakeholders

“Persimmon Essex now sources all its utility connections on new housing developments from the independent sector. These operators provide a more focused and efficient service to our development sites, ensuring that utility connections are made on time and on budget. Independents have also brought significant innovation both in the delivery of utility connections and in the range of services they offer – increasingly we are sourcing gas, electricity water and wastewater from a single provider”

Luke Atkinson – Technical Director, Persimmon

Independents will help a faster, greener recovery from COVID-19

Independent Networks play a significant role in the UK energy sector by delivering improved speed of connection, reduced cost and a better service. It is therefore clear that our members will play a crucial role in leading a fast, and green, recovery from COVID-19.

We have commissioned the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to produce a report to detail the ways in which INA members support the UK Recovery.

We are critical to delivering net zero in the UK

Given the central role Independent Networks play in new developments and in agreeing new standards that will prepare new homes for low carbon solutions, the INA and its members will play a significant role in helping the UK’s to achieve net zero by 2050.

We drive innovation and industry improvement

The success of independent connections and networks has delivered the benefits of a more open, competitive and collaborative market for all industry stakeholders.