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Independent Networks Association

Launch of the INA Growth Manifesto: A Blueprint for the Future

The Independent Networks Association (INA) is proud to announce the release of our Manifesto for Growth, advocating for policies that champion competition and consumer benefits within the utility sector. As the next UK Government faces key decisions on housing, achieving Net Zero targets, and delivering growth, the INA is leading with proactive solutions to enhance service delivery and improve infrastructure development.

Our Manifesto presents a series of strategic reforms. Each policy ask is designed to unblock the challenges currently facing the utility sector and enable faster, more cost-effective development of essential services.

Key Policy Asks Include:

  • Reducing Grid Connection Queues: We need significant reductions in the time it takes to connect to the grid, so we are advocating for a streamlined process that cuts current delays to support rapid project deployment.
  • Standardising Land Rights and Consents: By standardising the frameworks for negotiating land rights and consents, the Government can remove barriers to building essential infrastructure, making the process faster and less costly for energy customers.
  • National New Appointments and Variations (NAV) Licence: Introducing a national NAV licence will reduce bureaucratic waste and accelerate the provision of new water services across England and Wales.
  • Supporting the Transition to Low-Carbon Technologies: We are committed to pragmatic policy measures that ensure the transition to low-carbon technologies does not impede the urgent development of new homes.
  • Supporting the Development of Green Skills and Jobs: We emphasise the need for investment in training and re-skilling to fill the green skills gap, ensuring the UK workforce is prepared for future demands as we aim for Net Zero by 2050.
  • Enhancing Protections for Vulnerable Customers: Our manifesto calls for the creation of a single ‘tell us once’ Priority Services Register, which will simplify how vulnerable customers receive essential support.

We invite all stakeholders, from government officials to industry peers and the general public, to explore our proposals. Together, we can foster a utility sector that is not only equipped to meet the demands of the future but that also drives economic growth and sustainability.

For a detailed look at our policy proposals and to understand how these changes can benefit the country, download our Manifesto.


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