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Independent Networks Association

Independent Networks Association Supports Ofwat’s Forward Work Plan 2024/25

The Independent Networks Association (INA) has officially supported Ofwat’s Forward Work Plan for 2024/25, highlighting its commitment to streamlining licensing processes and enhancing customer protection without legislative changes. The INA, representing new Appointment and Variation (NAV) companies, recognises the plan’s potential to alleviate regulatory burdens while advocating for a national NAV license to foster sector growth.

Streamlining Licensing for Innovation: Nicola Pitts, Executive Director of the INA, commented, “We’re dedicated to working alongside Ofwat and DEFRA to explore streamlining options. Our goal is a more efficient licensing process that maintains the highest levels of customer protection.”

Enhancing Vulnerable Customer Support: The INA applauds Ofwat’s initiative to assess companies’ vulnerability strategies, emphasising the importance of inclusive priority service registers. Vicki Spiers, Chair of the INA, stated, “Ensuring vulnerable customers receive consistent and comprehensive support across utilities is paramount. Our members have all signed up to a clear Customer Commitment to deliver great service, including for vulnerable customers, and we support Ofwat’s collaboration with government departments to address this vital issue.”

Reducing Regulatory Burdens: Aligning with Ofwat’s aims, the INA supports efforts to reduce regulatory burdens, advocating for transparency and growth within the sector. “By streamlining processes and improving transparency, we can accelerate innovation and growth, benefiting companies and customers alike,” Spiers added.

The Independent Networks Association’s response to the Ofwat Forward Work Plan signifies a strong commitment to collaborative progress to enhance the sector’s efficiency and customer service standards.



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