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Independent Networks Association

Independent Networks Association (INA) Launches First-of-its-Kind Customer Commitment

The Independent Networks Association (INA) has taken an industry-defining step with the launch of its Customer Commitment. This first-of-its-kind initiative signifies a maturing approach to customer service in a sector that currently delivers 80% of new energy and gas connections and over 20% of new water connections to the UK grid.

Vicki Spiers, Chair of INA and Director at ESP Utilities Group, commented, “This is a watershed moment for independent networks across the UK. Our sector is not just growing; it’s evolving. This charter elevates customer service to the same level of excellence that we strive for in our contributions to Britain’s infrastructure.”

Nicola Pitts, INA’s Executive Director, added, “Our collective journey promises not just technological innovation but also a laser focus on the customers our members serve. This pledge marks our formal commitment to put customers at the forefront of business decisions and continually improve services.”

The Customer Commitment represents a sworn understanding from all INA member companies to deliver great customer service. It aims to set an industry standard, enhancing communication and offering quick solutions for any issues that may arise. Notably, the Commitment also pledges member companies to proactively work with regulators and the wider industry, ensuring that evolving customer needs are met in an ever-changing landscape, and offers additional layers of support for vulnerable customers. In case of service interruptions, member companies pledge to provide timely information and support to all affected customers.

Customers and stakeholders can learn more about the Customer Commitment and the work of INA members HERE.


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