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Independent Networks Association
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Our sub committees

In addition to our Board, the INA consists of five different sub committees. Each has a specific purpose and includes representation from industry experts from each of our members.

Regulation sub committee

What we do:

  • Engage with government bodies, like Ofgem and BEIS
  • Monitor relevant industry codes
  • Report on code changes that impact IGTs and IDNOs
  • Monitor and report on industry projects

Charging sub committee

What we do:

  • Monitor areas impacting IDNO and IGT charging methodologies
  • Engage with Ofgem on charging programmes
  • Identify and draft change proposals to improve the codes

Gas technical sub committee

What we do:

  • Engage with the Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) on emergency service provision
  • Identify and resolve technical issues impacting IGTs
  • Engage with IGEM on gas safety and installation standards
  • Monitor of British Standards and metering issues
  • Interface with GIRSAP and Lloyds Register
  • Engage with the HSE as required, responding to industry consultations
  • Monitor and engage on the future of gas work, including developments in hydrogen and biogas technology

Electricity technical sub committee

What we do:

  • Engage with Distribution Network Operations (DNOs) on emergency service provision
  • Engage with the ENA Open Networks Project, including monitoring of developments relating to electric vehicles, battery storage and emerging technologies
  • Engage with appropriate bodies on electricity safety and installation standards
  • Consideration of technical issues common to the IDNO sector
  • Monitor distribution and grid codes
  • Identify and resolve operational engineering issues impacting IDNOs
  • Engage with the HSE as required
  • Interface with NERSAP and Lloyds Register

Future sub committee

What we do:

  • Horizon scanning and research to identify trends, opportunities and or threats
  • Input findings and recommendations into other sub committees, industry bodies and organisations