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Independent Networks Association

IDCSL Ventures into IDNO Space, Joins INA

In a strategic move underscoring the UK’S independent energy networks’ enduring strength IDCSL, Independent Distribution Connection Specialists Ltd., are entering the IDNO realm. The company has been granted a licence by Ofgem and has announced its membership with the UK’s premier organisation for independent network operators, the Independent Networks Association (INA).

The independent energy networks sector continues to grow year-on-year, now connecting an impressive 80% of all new electricity connections in Great Britain. With a notable upswing in connection requests for cutting-edge data centres, EV charging stations, and a bipartisan commitment to ramped-up housebuilding, industry insiders perceive immense potential for IDNOs. Many are hopeful that IDNOs’ ability to deliver efficient, bespoke connections for developers will reinforce future economic growth and facilitate the transition to a decarbonised heat and transport infrastructure.

Nicola Pitts, Executive Director of the INA, expressed, “Welcoming IDCSL into our fold underscores the robust confidence permeating the independent networks sector. Our members stand on the cusp of pioneering monumental shifts, readying the UK for an advanced energy future.”

Colin Jamieson, Director of IDCSL noted, “Aligning with the INA resonates deeply with our aspiration to transition from connection services to comprehensive network operations for our clientele. We are enthusiastic about embarking on this synergistic journey.”


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