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Independent Networks Association

IDNOs Powering Apprenticeships: National Apprenticeship Week 2024

As part of the 2024 National Apprenticeship Week celebrations, the Independent Networks Association (INA) is delighted to showcase the commendable efforts of our members in advancing apprenticeships within the energy sector.

As an indepedent network operator, Eclipse Power is working to integrate apprenticeship programmes into their growth strategy, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to talent development and business innovation. Their dedication to apprenticeships underscores these programs’ significant benefits, not just as educational pathways but as a strategic investment in the future workforce.

Claire Noble, Head of Talent at Eclipse Power, emphasised the evolved nature of apprenticeships, which are designed to meet specific business needs and support individuals from various backgrounds and stages in their careers. This inclusive perspective challenges the outdated notion that apprenticeships are solely for new entrants to the workforce, showcasing their relevance and value across all levels of professional development.

Eclipse Power’s commitment is highlighted through its active support of employees currently enrolled in apprenticeship programs. Nicola Price, a Programme Manager, and Alex Pentecost, a Regulatory Analyst, exemplify the company’s approach to fostering talent from within. Through these apprenticeships, staff members engage directly in practical learning and development opportunities, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and its application in the real world.

This hands-on experience is bolstered by the mentorship of seasoned professionals, ensuring apprentices like Nicola and Alex not only acquire essential skills and qualifications but also gain confidence and a sense of ownership over their career trajectories.

Initiatives such as this – and others being deployed by other independent network operators in the electricity, gas and water sectors – serve as a beacons, dispelling myths around apprenticeships and promoting a culture of continuous learning and innovation. By embracing apprenticeships – not just for National Apprenticeship week but all year round – INA members are not only enhancing the skill set of their teams but also contributing to a more diverse, skilled, and adaptable workforce within the utility sector.


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